Been in a purge the clothes mood lately and like my wardrobe needs a serious assessment. One thing I need more of are neutral basics with that little extra wow factor or interesting detail. Which is why I had to have this cute little tank from H&M yesterday. 

Also, working from home is a godsend. 

I took no photos this weekend other than the dogs but it was a glorious lake weekend with the girls. Hiking, swim holes, cookout, fire, snuggles, swimming across the entire lake, and games!

I’m pooped in that that perfectly content kind of way.

Spent some long overdue time on my mat today. Bonus: grass smells and clear skies. #yoga #happylist

Spent some long overdue time on my mat today. Bonus: grass smells and clear skies. #yoga #happylist

Why don’t I spend more time out here?

Why don’t I spend more time out here?

The weather this morning is perfect. Crisp and lively and full of adventure.

Obviously more important than everyone else. #geese  #dowhatiwant #happylist

Obviously more important than everyone else. #geese #dowhatiwant #happylist

Never been so excited/thankful that I have a pair of yoga pants squirreled away at work!!

Hubby is currently making us dinner. 

I feel like when I make some grand declaration to focus on being healthy, the universe is like LOLNOPE and smites me.

Pretty sure the cold I had last week has progressed to bronchitis (I’m prone to it since my stint at the preschool). So I haven’t worked out at all in a week. I have been trying to walk and do non-cardio-intense things (mowed the lawn Saturday), but it’s frustrating because I mentally DO want to get my sweat on.

Food has been okay, not perfect but not eating bowls of ice cream sundaes every day either. Bonus to being sick is my tummy just feel mreh about food, so nothing it too appealing.

Haven’t weighed in since my WIW, which puts me still ~5 lb from Labor Day goal.

What I miss most about running and training is having a reason to btw outside each day.

Nothing like bursting into tears outside the closed minute clinic to really out the icing on how shitty you feel.

I was down 1.6 yesterday, so that’s encouraging. Adding more veggies and not eating piles of cheese fries is effective.

Otherwise, I still feel like total shit. The cold is completely in my chest now and I can’t take a breath without choking and coughing.

I have 2 days of mandatory in-person classes with a teacher I think has mailed it in at best for this course. I have learned nothing new. And I’m exceedingly frustrated by the entire thing.

Basically, I just want to be a hermit for the next few days and I can’t. But I’m not eating my feelings. So that’s something.

I want to punch things.

Mostly SallieMae and UMass Boston (like 90/10 split there).

But pretty much anything would do right now.

I hate money so much.


And I hate, hate, hate you, SallieMae.

Feeling like I’m over involved lately. Things I used to get excited about are just meh. Have a meeting I am unprepared for today. Also regretting tracking this summer class as I have learned nothing useful.

Missions accomplished today.